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Examining and Enhancing Our Inner Life

By resting in the most wonderful energy that we can imagine and feel, we can begin to align with the consciousness of our Creator. Although we may be aware of more, we hold in our consciousness what we perceive within the vibratory limits of this empirical density and energetic dimension. Awareness of these limits is the first step in expanding within our greater consciousness. Next we can examine our limiting beliefs about ourselves and discover their origin.

In its essence, matter consists of identifiable patterns of energetic vibrations. The dark, anti-matter world we have inhabited is based on fear of termination, while becoming decrepit and moving intentionally toward it. It is filled with entropy and is ultimately self-destructive. It is the realm of ego-consciousness.

Light matter is limitless and life-enhancing. It is what we truly love, identified as the energy of our heart. When we come into its awareness, we are on the way to exploring infinite consciousness and transforming our human presence. In every moment we have the choice of aligning with one or the other by what we pay attention to.

In this life, we are all actors providing energetic encounters, as we learn the best ways to use our attention for greatest fulfillment for the benefit of all. In fearless, love-filled living, the greatest abilities we can use are our attention, imagination and realization. When we learn to direct them in ways that we deeply feel are life-enhancing, we can live in the world of boundless light matter, with fulfillment in every way, even beyond our imagination. In this finer world we can utilize creative abilities we didn’t believe we have, because we are able to trust ourselves implicitly to abide in the energy of our heart’s intuitive knowing.

Being aware of the light in everyone, we can very much enjoy mastering our lives and our world in gratitude, compassion, love and joy. Intentionally paying attention to these wonderful energies within ourselves, regardless of what would distract us, we shape the world around us and within, including our physical presence. When we maintain a high vibratory presence of joy, we are aligning with the qualities of our conscious life-force, and our awareness opens to a beautiful and heart-felt realm of living.

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