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Entering a State of Intuitive Knowing

It is important to recognize how we feel in every situation. When we are paying attention outwardly to reports, events, analyses and predictions, we can notice what feelings they elicit in us. If there is any negativity, we have the choice of aligning with it or transforming it in our awareness. Because we are creators with our own vibrations, we are the transformers of any energetic patterns that come into our awareness. If we feel that we are weak and subject to the control of others, we create these conditions for ourselves. Our condition is entirely our own creation, either by acceptance or initiative. What we feel about our condition, and how we believe we are, determines our experience.

In this world we are the absolute creators of the vibratory quality of our personal experiences, conditioned by our beliefs about ourselves. Because of the relentless training and conditioning that we have subjected ourselves to, we are greatly challenged to realize that we have been entranced in a spectrum of consciousness that is self-contained. We can expand our awareness beyond negative vibrations whenever we choose. We must take control of our attention and decide how we want to feel.

To extract ourselves from the realm of duality, we must recognize the limitations we have imposed upon ourselves. They are all based in fear of some kind, including termination of our consciousness. We have been unable to recognize the absurdity of this situation, but if we focus on any of our limiting beliefs, we will realize that they consist of nothing except what we have imagined as real. We have chosen to subject ourselves to the belief that we are without higher guidance, and that we cannot be aware of what is beyond what we already believe we know.

There is a step that we can choose to take, that is beyond our human belief system. It is the step to resolve our fears on every level by opening ourselves to our own inner guidance, which we can only be aware of when we are in the space of gratitude, compassion and joy. This is our natural state of being. When we stop restricting ourselves from our heart-felt convictions and inspiration, we can become aware of our inner treasure.

Everything we ever wanted to feel deeply and to know comes to us in complete awareness, with as much depth as we can accept. As we learn to calm our ego-consciousness and take control of our attention and emotional alignment, we must resolve our limiting beliefs, because they will not allow us to realize our eternal presence of infinite awareness. The process of realizing our true essence and infinitely creative nature happens synchronously, when we are motivated to open ourselves to it and want to know the extent of our Being. We can develop acute inner awareness of the energy of the heart of our Being and absolute confidence in our mastery of all aspects of our lives as humans.

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