Enlightening Our Energetic Presence

As we expand our awareness into a mental and emotional void, we can become aware of the quality of energy at the source of our presence of Being. It is our connection with universal consciousness and all conscious life, and it is present in our intuition. It is completely life-enhancing, loving and compassionate. This is the level of vibration that we can mentally and emotionally align with, and we can be adept at calling these feelings and visions into our awareness.

If we have resolved our limiting beliefs and are adept at calling forth mental and emotional states, we gain our natural creative power, undiluted by attachments to negative energy. We can become able to maintain a state of being that is natural and easy, confident in knowing our intuitive guidance in every moment. When we do not engage negative vibrations, we do not align with them or give them our life force. As we align with positive, life-enhancing and creative energies, negative situations disappear from our experience. The problem that most of us face is believing that this is possible.

In our experience, doubt has a negative polarity and cancels out positive, creative energy. The ego must doubt, because it cannot conceive of operating in other dimensions, which is what’s in play here. We can live in the realm of duality and at the same time have our state of Being in a realm beyond polarity, a realm of pure unconditional love in creative energy. At this orientation and level of energetics, everything is supportive of joyous being. It cannot be reached by negative energies or beings. Without doubt, negative scenarios that we may face can disappear from our experience into another dimension.

Because our fears and beliefs are hidden deeply within our subconscious, transcending and resolving them may require much practice to accomplish, but this is a necessary step on the way to ultimate freedom. Meanwhile they will continue to attract negative experiences. The more brightness in our state of being, the more enjoyable our experiences become in every dimension that we project ourselves into.

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