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Enhancing Our Personal Encounters

We may feel that we want only loving and joyous encounters with others. We can realize this quality of experience by aligning ourselves with positive, high-vibratory energy patterns in our emotions and imagination, even when facing challenges. If we can intentionally respond to every encounter, be it positive or negative, in a positive, life-enhancing way, we are opening our awareness to the reality of a higher spectrum of living. Our personal encounters become filled with gratitude and joy. Here our friends are true, as are we. We are Self-sustaining and supportive of one another and can be aware of the exchange of energies in every encounter.

What is an encounter energetically? It is two persons recognizing each other’s energy signatures. The wave patterns of energy in our personal expressions manifest as our bodies and personalities, but we are encountering energetics that stimulate feelings in us, as well as mental interactions. In universal consciousness, all interactions are based in love. Fear does not exist. Currently it can exist for us, because we have the free will to create it by compartmentalizing our conscious awareness and polarizing ourselves with negative energies as well as positive.

Within the compartment of human consciousness, we can experience things as real, that we could not believe could be real in our eternal, expanded awareness. We have actually expanded universal consciousness to include the qualities of negative energies. We have deepened the understanding and compassion of all beings on an energetic level. Because we express ourselves as energy beings, we can align ourselves with energy of any polarity or vibratory frequency that we choose, resulting in experiences for us of those qualities.

We can imagine scenarios in which we are living the way we really want to live, and we can feel ourselves in that virtual reality. When we can maintain that level of thinking and feeling as much as possible, we train ourselves to realize its reality. Anything we can imagine already exists in the unified quantum field. We only have to align ourselves with its energetics to experience it.

When we are primarily interested in meaningful and loving encounters, we are aligning ourselves with the life-enhancing intent of Creator consciousness and expanding our awareness beyond human limitations to intuitive knowing.

In our human separation from each other, we have been able to experience what it is like to encounter another being on a physical level. Energetically, these are valuable experiences that would not have been possible in our expanded consciousness. Once we understand our true, unlimited Self, we can be the energetic masters of our lives and truly enjoy being human.

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