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Enhancing Our Lives

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

According to the Schumann Resonance graph at, our planet has increased its resonating frequency from its historical 7.83 cycles per second to 14, then to 20 and to 26 Hz. There are many times when it rises far beyond that. The vibratory frequency of our planet is expanding and rising. This means that the Spirit of Earth is expanding her consciousness into a more refined way of being. She is restoring her natural systems of vitality, and life-diminishing energies are dissipating. In order to continue living here, humanity must also awaken from the hypnotic trance that allows for alignment with negativity and low vibrations. This is the direction of our enveloping environment, changing our reality dramatically. All of the darkest negative energies that have been hidden for eons are coming into the light, and the degenerate and destructive powers we have acceded to are losing their control over our belief systems.

We are being prompted to have a deep desire to awaken to our true magnificent presence. This is what our planet wants her inhabitants to realize. She wants an enlightened race of humanity. How we want to be is entirely our choice. If we desire for all of our experiences to be based in the vibrations of love and joy, we can make that choice. To enable that to happen, we can intentionally be grateful for everything we experience. By our vibratory presence, we have created it all.

By taking control of our thoughts and emotions through our attention and awareness, we can open ourselves to our heart-consciousness, which begins with our conscience and expands into as much love and enjoyment as we allow ourselves. We set our own limits of every kind.

We’re involved in a game of consciousness with ourselves, creating experiences in our imagination. We live in a quantum field of all potentialities, waiting for us to recognize them and make them real in our experience. As long as we enslave ourselves by holding unresolved limiting beliefs about ourselves, we cannot allow ourselves to realize the unconditional love that constantly enlivens us as our conscious life-force and presence of awareness. Our transformation begins with our desire and learning to direct our attention to the qualities that we love the most. If we can recognize them with our intentional awareness beyond personal limitations, they are present in every situation we are presented with.

Because we are all the same consciousness, everything is happening within our own Being, and it is infinite. Although we cannot comprehend this, we can realize it intuitively, and we can be aware of as much of it as we allow ourselves. By our own energetic signature, we are the creators of our lives.

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