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Enhancing Our Human Experience

From Quantum physics we know that there is a creative, universal consciousness that is the source and essence of everything that we know of. Everything is conscious, even the most minute sub-atomic waves/particles, all atoms and molecules, even rocks. We are surrounded by conscious beings appearing as empirical entities, many of which we have falsely regarded as lifeless, including our planet and all of its constituents. There is much we may surmise about universal consciousness and the Being that it emanates from.

The Being that has universal consciousness creates other Beings within Its own consciousness, and all of these Beings share in Its consciousness. Some are designed to expand the Creator’s consciousness with unique experiences and vibratory patterns. These Beings have unlimited free choice in everything they experience. They can think and feel any vibratory patterns that they are interested in or entranced by. They can imagine new experiences with interesting feelings. They create experiences by their presence of awareness, creating emotional alignments with energetic patterns. Through their attention, they share their life force with the energetic patterns that vibrate in resonance, stimulating these Beings to recognize these energies and bring them into physical expression. In this way, they can create anything they desire and feel.

These Beings are us, when we shed our attachments to the limitations we believe we have. The creative essence of universal consciousness is life-enhancing and materializes for us the qualities of our state of being. When we live in gratitude for everyone and everything in our experience, and in everything we imagine, we vibrate in a positive way in resonance with the unconditional love of the enhancement of all conscious life. We experience everything we could need and want. Our abilities allow for us to live in as much abundance and mastery in our lives as we allow ourselves and believe are real. We have created and maintained all of our personal limitations by our imaginary beliefs, which we accepted in order to participate in the dualistic human experience.

Our human lives are one of many expressions of our individual consciousness. We are multidimensional and express ourselves beyond space and time as other persons in as many timelines as we desire. In this human life, we are provided with manifestations of the vibratory levels that we pay attention to. By living in gratitude and knowing intuitively that we are whoever we imagine and believe ourselves to be, we can train ourselves to transcend our limitations, until they become unbelievable. With no attachments, we can be clear and receptive to our inner knowing, which guides us to mastery in all aspects of our lives.

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