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Enhancing Our Consciousness

When we desire to expand our consciousness, we are naturally drawn toward unlimited awareness. It is our rising vibration that attracts more freedom and joy and enables us to recognize our limitations and how they are all negative in polarity and based in fear. By facing them with a perspective of compassion and understanding, we can resolve them in kindness. We can be beings who are only positive, but who deeply understand the negative.

We can know whenever there is negative energy around. If we do not accept its polarity, it will disappear from our experience. It cannot exist for us, unless we realize it as real and give it our life force. When we do that, it immediately becomes real for us. We cannot realize its unreality, but we can maintain a positive perspective with gratitude and compassion for all and everything. Once we realize this, we can understand that the energetics are all for our enhancement in living.

There are many things that we can do to elevate our energy signature and our state of being, which is the source of our personal vibrations. Because we are infinite Being, we never have to stop expanding our awareness and having greater joy. What we do and how we live is irrelevant in this journey. It is our vibration in every moment that determines our destiny, and which constantly changes. The most important realization is our level of vibration in every moment.

If our goal is to align completely with our most enlivening and joyous vibrations, we must know our intuition. It always exists in connection with universal consciousness and guides us in unconditional love and infinite awareness. Because our intuition may be subtle, it requires openness and receptivity to higher consciousness. In every situation, intuitive guidance is immediate always. We’re aware of it momentarily, and we can learn to focus on it, until we just naturally are constantly aware of it. We are front-running our ego and working with our innate being in acquiring a new skill. Gradually the ego stops attempting to control our consciousness. We can enhance this process with love and gratitude.

By paying attention to what we know within ourselves, we gain confidence that we are being sensitive to our intuition. This is important in being able to move beyond doubt. We may be guided to make ourselves over in many ways in order to express a higher aspect of ourselves. We’re learning to play with energetics, which we control with our mental and emotional levels, our polarity and our confidence or doubt. Confidence is creative, and doubt is destructive to our creative energies. By learning to trust what we know, we can transform our lives in wonderful ways.

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