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Encountering Our True Selves

In realizing the true essence of who we are, we have many opportunities to play with our consciousness. Human life is a game of consciousness restriction and expansion, filled with wild emotional and mental challenges that we take very seriously, believing them to be real. We have expertly developed our ego-consciousness to operate within the confines of our beliefs. So convincing have we made our empirical experience that we don’t even imagine anything more as a possible reality.

Only by being curious about life beyond our beliefs can we expand beyond our human reality. If we look for clues about how to do this, we can become aware of the nature and essence of our personal human presence. It is our present awareness that enables us to command our ego-consciousness from a place of deeper knowing. By being aware of the inner guidance that we constantly receive, whenever we focus on it and align with its energetics, we can identify the level of positive vibrations we can follow to higher conscious awareness.

We have learned to participate in a very complex and convincing game of restricted consciousness, designed to enrapture and capture us within its spectrum of duality and empiricism, manifested for us through our beliefs in our limitations and our donation of conscious life force through our fear of suffering and termination. Without our life force and energetic alignment, the human matrix could not exist. We are its creators and rightful masters.

Through our realization of the nature of human life, we can open ourselves to physical and imaginary experiences of greater awareness and understanding. We can begin to know beyond belief what is real. We can offer our ego-consciousness the scientific understanding that what we experience in our bodies is a very limited spectrum or bandwidth of electromagnetic waves and patterns of waves that we have adapted to perceiving with our physical senses.

There are realms just as real in infinite consciousness, available for our recognition when we can resonate with their energetics. We have an emotional intelligence that is aware of any vibrations that we focus on, as well as a large spectrum all around us. We receive as much emotional stimulation as we believe is real. As we begin to open to greater awareness, we receive visions that we believe are imaginary, until we start to feel their energy. Once we can feel their presence, they become real for us, and we intuitively know who and what they are. In this process of developing inner sensitivity, we can follow the feelings that we request into greater awareness of our expanding Self and our true creative ability.

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