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Living In Our Increasingly Intense Energetic Environment

Because we have had deep resistance within our ego-conscious mind to allowing our innate divine life force to guide us, we have struggled with ourselves in our endeavors to manifest our desired creations. We haven’t been able to allow our natural creative power to work properly. Living with the ego-conscious part of ourselves as our master, we’ve become comfortable in the world of duality. This does not allow us to realize anything greater. From within this portion of our consciousness, we have acquiesced to these limitations and have incorporated them deeply into our memory.

Now the increasing intensity of our energetic environment is causing our own ability to stay in limited conscious awareness to destabilize. For humanity, life is becoming increasingly chaotic and difficult, with the threat of world-wide break-down of our civilization. It is as if we are living energetic capacitors, with our positive charge building in intensity, until it overwhelms our ego-consciousness with realization of our infinite presence of awareness. This realization opens us to make a leap in consciousness that transforms our lives.

As we traverse our inner journey of Self-discovery, we become aware of the quality of our own mental and emotional state of being. We are beyond time/space and fully aware of our human presence. We also are aware of the etheric presence of other conscious beings. We feel their energetic signature, alerting us to the quality of their thoughts and emotions.

In our self-awareness, we have the freedom to feel however we want. We do this with our attention and mental and emotional alignment in energetic resonance. How we feel in the moment has been directed by alignment with our attention to the polarity and frequency of our encounters and environment. We can have this awareness while being in alignment with anything we choose. We can freely choose our own state of being, according to the positive, high-vibratory expressions of our intuitive knowing.

When we make the connection to our inner knowing, we can practice and gain confidence in opening ourselves to it fully. This process allows us to understand that our limitations are part of our self-created ego-consciousness. We can now expand this spectrum of energetics into greater consciousness, until we realize that we are aware of our creative essence, and we can know we are the creators of the quality of every experience in our lives by our modulation of the energies of our own vibrations. Our thoughts and feelings about ourselves express themselves as energetic vibrations that radiate from our conscious presence into the quantum field of all potentialities for manifestation. By our state of being we attract energetic patterns of experiences in alignment with us.

When we realize that our presence of awareness is beyond doubt and fear, and we know how to express the energies of life-enhancement, we can realize we are free of any requirements outside of ourselves. We can follow the expressions of what gives us the most gratitude and joy. This is what we feel most attracted to and what we most love.

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