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Empowering Ourselves to Achieve our Potential

We live in an electromagnetic dimension of positive and negative energies. The positive energies are life-enhancing, and the negative energies are life-diminishing. They are mirror images of each other flowing together forever creating a neutral essence. In our essence we contain the potential to manifest both negative and positive forms. It is our choice which of them we choose to pay attention to. By our attention and alignment, we create experiences for ourselves of the quality that we focus on and realize as reality.

By focusing on events and beings that we are angry or fearful about and want to defeat, we disempower ourselves and all of humanity. We are focused on the negative, when the positive is just as much potentially present. It just requires our attention and realization. How do we know when we are negatively or positively oriented? We know it by how we feel. We know when we are anxious, stressed or angry, just as much as we know when we’re thankful, compassionate and joyful. Every present situation has the potential energy of either charge. It is our choice of which we decide to pay attention to and align ourselves with.

The world that appears to be outside of ourselves is actually a reflection of our own consciousness. What bothers us out in the world is a manifestation of our interior perspective and the quality of our own realization. This is what we can transform by choosing to realize the positive side of every event and happenstance, and every person we encounter. The light is ever-present. It only needs our realization.

Once we understand the nature of our own reality, we can master our empirical world of duality. The negative cannot exist without the positive. The secret is that the positive can lead us beyond polarity into a higher dimension, where the negative does not exist. This is our destiny as great Beings of Light and unconditional love in the fullness of divine Being. This is our true nature beyond the world of duality.

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