Empowering Our Lives

In this lifetime, we have come to settle our issues and resolve our personal dramas. We are our own heroes and villains, depending on our chosen polarity, positive or negative, love or fear as its basic energy. The quality of our experiences depends upon our own vibratory level. Regardless of what our intentions might be, we align ourselves with a polarity and vibratory level. Anger is anger, regardless of whether it’s righteous or diabolical. When we oppose or resist something, we align with the same quality of energy as the force that we resist.

This may be difficult to understand, but demonstrating against war is the same energy as supporting the war. The way to resolve this is from a positive perspective of compassion and understanding. What matters here is the polarity and vibratory level of the energy that we align with and radiate into the quantum field. This is what manifests experiences for us and influences the energy resonance of humanity.

Even when we know that we’ve been programmed to believe in our limitations, we find that they go deeply into our psyche and do not want to be recognized for what they are. We’ve allowed our consciousness to be tied down and bound within a limited compartment of awareness by limiting beliefs about ourselves.

Since we know from quantum physics that there is a universal consciousness, everything that exists participates in this consciousness. Consciousness is the creator of everything, and the vibratory level of creative energy is life-enhancing in the most beautiful and wonderful ways. This is the quality of energy that envelopes us. Out of universal consciousness, we arise as personal Self-aware Beings. Just as universal consciousness is eternal, so we exist beyond time and space in our conscious Being.

In our human form, we have our connection with universal consciousness through our intuition. It comes to us constantly in the conscious life force that enlivens us, but it is not intrusive. In our limiting perspective, our ego consciousness, we have cut our awareness off from our intuition. To expand our awareness to our higher guidance requires our intention. We can imagine ourselves being our higher Self and enjoying our unlimited abilities based in joy, gratitude and love. On this level of vibration, we can be sensitive to our inner prompting. We can be aware of everything in our lives from a perspective of intending to expand our consciousness into a higher dimension of living, and we can know deep within everything we may want to know in every moment.

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