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Elevating and Inspiring Our Lives

Our needs are a result of limiting beliefs that we need food, money and shelter. Our health and well-being are a matter of our energetic vibrations, just like everything else. Our bodies are made of consciousness. Every bit of them. Each atomic and sub-atomic entity is a conscious being, organized by our personal essence into our physical expression. Our consciousness is capable of expressing whatever we direct in alignment with the quality of our personal vibrations. Our limiting beliefs keep our consciousness from expressing its potentially unlimited manifestations. We do not need material. We only need to know deeply that we are abundantly cared for. All we need to do is to realize it. We make it real in our experience through our realization. This is an example of what quantum physics has shown to be the way the empirical world comes into existence for us. We empower it with our life force through our nearly-constant realization. As we begin to realize our unlimited essence, we can drop any personal need that we may have believed in, because it has already been fulfilled. We just have to realize it, when we align our vibrations in polarity and vibratory resonance with the energetic expression that we pay attention to. Because of the energetic density of the empirical world, and the way we sense it, we are challenged by powerful distractions to pay attention and maintain an alignment with our intuition. When we can do this, our lives become wonderful in every way. We vibrate in resonance with the consciously-creative life force that flows through us and connects us with universal consciousness. When we can be deeply passionate about something, we create powerfully attractive energetic patterns that can resolve limiting beliefs, if this is what we want. By envisioning and feeling the fulfillment of our lives as we imagine, we create the energy patterns that enable us to realize its reality. We are the creators of all of our experiences consciously and subconsciously. By being passionate visionaries, we can change our subconscious programming and resolve our limiting beliefs. Everywhere we hold onto fear and doubt, we can choose to transform our awareness to love and compassion. Nothing else has to change, only our awareness. What we realize is what we experience. Once we recognize what negative expressions are in their energetic essence, we can resolve them, with courage if necessary. We can train ourselves to be elegant, compassionate and understanding in every situation. These are characteristics of a more expansive way of living and are in alignment with inner guidance. By practicing being grateful, compassionate and loving in the moment, we eventually realize that we’re living in an energetic dimension beyond negativity.

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