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Directing Our Mental and Emotional Alignment

When we sit and enter a state of receptivity, many things become clear. When the ego is relaxed and non-intrusive, we can open our awareness to energy patterns beyond the limited consciousness of the ego. We can enter the realm beyond thought, into the state of knowing. This is a knowing that the ego cannot disprove. The presence of knowing includes the emotions of the heart. We are in a quantum state of limitless, life-enhancing creativity. We can experience non-localized gratitude, love, compassion, freedom and joy. This is the beginning of Self-Realization.

This comes after much practice of maintaining a presence of compassion and gratitude in the face of every experience, even the darkest encounters. We can use our imagination to elicit the ability to see the light of Creator Consciousness in all beings. This is the vibratory presence that we want to be in alignment with, and it will deliver the quality of experience that resonates with our present vibratory signature.

As we become aware of our senses beyond the physical world, our awareness begins to open to a brighter, more beautiful world of experience, in which everything is true. There is no dissimulation. It is toward this kind of realization that we are being called. It is innate within our own being and is what we deeply know. In this state of being, we can be aware of ourselves as living fractals of infinite consciousness. The expression of our human persona is directed by our complete consciousness, according to our desires for certain experiences.

Awareness of our presence beyond our human persona enables us to understand what human life means for us, and why we experience the scenarios that we do. This is part of our inner knowing. When we are in a state of clarity, our hidden abilities appear in our realization. If we can realize that we are infinite consciousness, there is nothing that can keep us from manifesting anything that we desire, and we can be thoroughly heart-centered in all of our motivations. We have absolute freedom to enjoy our best lives in deepest love and gratitude.

On the way to Self-Realization, we become aware of our infinite essence and unlimited creativity. We can realize our eternal essence of conscious presence with unlimited abilities in creating our personal experiences in whatever way we wish to express ourselves. We only have to focus on what we want and align our emotional presence with it. Whatever we experience in any dimension is a result of our own energetic alignment.

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