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Developing Vibrational Sensitivity

We are aware when we feel emotional warmth or coldness or nothing at all. We equate warmth with life-enhancement and coldness with life-diminishment. We can feel these energies in our environment, and we can create them within and radiate them from within our being. Energetically, warmth is positive and coldness is negatively polarized. We feel warmth as love, joy and goodness, and coldness as fear, anger and depression. Our feelings tell us what kind of energy we are focusing on. Always we have the choice of our focus, even in emergencies. It is emergencies that can teach us lessons that we have not been willing to learn. If we let these opportunities pass without serious introspection, we will still need to deal with the issue that is being challenged.

Our guides can give us motivations to move more completely into the light. When we are open and receptive to the deepest knowing of our intuition, and we pay attention to it without any expectations, we can live easily in compassion and joy beyond our limitations. We can open ourselves to understanding the real nature of our Earth-human lives as learning experiences. We are learning to control our focus of attention and realize our infinite Being.

Since we live in a realm of duality, we have aligned with many negative energetic patterns, while not being able to remember or realize our infinite Being. We must awaken ourselves, because all of the limiting beliefs about ourselves are self-imposed. The empirical spectrum of duality that we have locked our awareness within has no real borders. It is all created in the consciousness that we all are, and we can open ourselves to infinite awareness with infinite creative ability. Until we breach the borders of our human awareness, we can live only in ego-consciousness, which has no higher guidance and cannot be aware of our unlimited Self. This takes us to developing vibrational sensitivity.

If we are looking for guidance, it comes to us in ways that each of us can understand, and we can always ask our deeper Self for help. In that moment, our awareness opens to realization as much as we allow. We feel it, and we know it as real. Then it is up to us to follow the vibrations of our guidance and adjust our state of being to resonate with it. We can use our imagination and emotions creatively to come into alignment with the heart of our Being. It is a doorway to Self-Realization.

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