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Developing Our Multi-Dimensional Awareness

We have the ability to live in multiple dimensions simultaneously. We can choose which ones we want to pay attention to by aligning our vibrations with the ones we wish to engage with. Currently we are engaged in the empirical spectrum of dual polarities. Whenever we’re motivated to move completely into positive polarity, we begin to align ourselves with the vibrations of love and compassion. As we go deeper into these emotions, we become aware of our true creative power residing in the essence of our consciousness. We have creative control of the level of vibrations of our state of being.

Whatever is happening outside of our own sense of being is unimportant in this quest. We can face our deepest fears and greatest doubt by recognizing their polarity, and instead being positive in a perspective of expansive awareness. Fear and doubt can exist for us only if we create them with our imagination and emotions. Our eternal presence of awareness does not need them, and we can let them go, reclaiming our life force from them and opening ourselves more completely to the unconditional love that is the essence of our Being.

Once we recognize the empirical spectrum as a compartment within our larger consciousness, we no longer are limited to the realm of duality in our awareness, but we can still focus in this realm as much as we want, while also being aware of our greater Being. We can shift our consciousness to awareness of a realm beyond polarity, the realm of infinite Being and unlimited creative ability and power in the consciousness of the Creator. This is our consciousness, once we resolve all of our limitations through our intuitive guidance.

Gaining confidence in our intuition can happen through being open and unencumbered mentally and emotionally. It may help to spend time in inspiring places in nature, being present in awareness and aligning with the energy of the Spirit of the Earth. We can realize that we have an inner knowing that guides us in every moment, and we can feel this inner level of vibration as joy. We can be in gratitude and feel enhancing energies.

When we’re in a completely positive state of energetics, we’re in a different dimension from that of duality, and the quality of our experiences becomes positive. Our expansiveness is beyond the imagination of our ego consciousness, requiring us to transcend the ego. This we can do by being sensitive to the positive, high-vibratory range of our intuition and willing to follow its guidance.

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