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Developing Heart-Conscious Awareness

Ego-consciousness is an expression of our essence without higher guidance. This results in enclosing our awareness within a small part of our consciousness. If we have a desire to expand our awareness, we can do so, by aligning with our heart-consciousness. The presence of heart-consciousness is powerfully radiant and unwavering in its enhancement of life. When we desire to align with this life-stream, we can become aware of our inner knowing and prompting, apart from thoughts and misguided emotions. We find the vibratory spectrum of our intuition by directing our awareness to the energetic state of gratitude, love and compassion. All of our inner guidance comes with positivity in support of our desires and needs. We are designed to be able to choose how we want to use the conscious life-stream that provides our presence of awareness.

As we develop increasing awareness of positive energies, we withdraw our life-force from negative energy patterns. We can let them pass through our awareness without our engagement, as we continue to direct our awareness to our inner knowing of heart-consciousness. In this state of being, we know in every moment everything we need and want to know, as long as we pay attention. At the same time, we can participate in our society and culture, but our participation now is heart-felt in every moment. This results in changing our reality from participating in negativity to living in love and joy. They are in different polarities and frequency bands. Our energetic signature now attracts encounters and experiences that are wonderful and life-enhancing. It may seem like magic, but its how energies interact and come into our awareness and realization.

With our mental and emotional abilities, we are the modulators of energetic patterns, creating the qualities that manifest in our lives. Everything that happens to us is actually happening within our consciousness. There is nothing and no one outside of consciousness, which is infinite, and we have as much awareness of it as we allow ourselves within our subconscious and conscious self-limitations.

Being guided by heart-consciousness allows us to transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves. Heart-consciousness provides inner knowing that ego-consciousness cannot participate in, but we can direct our ego from intuition. As we develop confidence that we actually are aware of our heart-consciousness, we begin creating the lives we truly want by imagining having wonderful experiences and being constantly grateful. As more of us do this, the vibratory level of humanity rises, eventually into a higher energetic dimension of love, joy, beauty and freedom.

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Apr 01, 2023

Beautiful! 🦋

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