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Developing Greater Realization

With all of the powerful incoming light and consciousness-raising energies that we are receiving, we are being given opportunities to transcend the perspectives and beliefs that have suppressed our expansiveness and joy. The limitations that we have allowed ourselves to be enclosed in are dissolving under the influx of enveloping love-light. We have a powerful opportunity to realize our own creative potential in alignment with the energy in the heart of our Being. By opening ourselves in gratitude and joy to the most wonderful experiences we can imagine and feel that we are participating in, we can create the lives we truly want.

Beyond our own essence, nothing can affect us. We are sovereign beings of eternal conscious awareness, endowed with the consciousness of the Creator, limited only by our own choices. Because of the energetic fixations we have subjected ourselves to, in order to participate fully in the human experience, we are greatly challenged to realize our personal Self-identity. We have cleverly hidden our true infinite awareness from ourselves, but we have kept one aspect of our Being that can guide us to awaken from the hypnotic trance of empirical duality and realize who we really are. This guidance is not intrusive and requires our intentional attention.

If we can release our personal dramas and just relax into a state of gratitude and joy, we can begin to open ourselves to a realm of inspiration and limitless awareness within our own consciousness. This is our connection with universal consciousness and infinite creative ability beyond the density of our incarnated presence. In the depth of our consciousness, we have a presence of awareness beyond the limitations of time and space, as well as the ability to project our vibrations into the quantum field for manifestation in our current lives.

If we intentionally keep ourselves aligned with unconditional love, as much as we allow and as much as we can imagine, we identify transcendent vibrational patterns that we can more easily find repeatedly. We can keep expanding our imagination until we can realize unlimited awareness. This is a natural process, and it happens when we want it to in the deepest way and with complete confidence. This is what we are designed to be able to do as infinitely powerful creators. In transcending ego-consciousness, we can trust ourselves implicitly to be clear and intentionally to embody and project our own positive and life-enhancing vibrations.

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