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Developing Deeper Inner Awareness

Through our ability to modulate energies with our awareness and our focus of attention, we create experiences that are in alignment with our vibratory state. If we direct our focus to scenarios that we feel really good about, we naturally feel grateful and joyful. When we intentionally align our thoughts and emotions with the energies of our heart, we can live in a world of love, peace, prosperity and freedom in absolute confidence in our eternal presence of awareness. At this level of consciousness, there is only goodness everywhere. Any potential personal needs are satisfied before they manifest, so that we can always be mentally and emotionally clear in our presence.

We have been trained to be fearful and convinced that we must work for our existence. We know that all other creatures on this planet are cared for by the Earth. Why are we different? Why do we have needs that make life difficult for us? All other creatures live intuitively. They just know where to go and what to do. When they have difficulty, it’s because humans have altered their environment and interfered with their ability to follow their inner knowing. Because of our creative ability, we have the same inner knowing with a higher level of intelligence. We just have to open our awareness to it.

We all have inner awareness, and we can intentionally follow it. Our challenge is transcending the beliefs that we’ve developed to keep us from knowing our true essence. We’ve been convinced that we are fragile and mortal, and that we could be terminated at any moment. These beliefs keep us from experiencing other ways of living and realizing what is real. We have been living in a small compartment of our consciousness, like a dream world with limited awareness. This world is filled with personal drama and many desires that are unfulfilled.

By learning to control our personal vibrations through imbuing ourselves with gratitude and joy, we can transcend all needs and fears. We can be confident in ourselves and our creations. We can learn to follow what is heart-felt in every situation. In opening our awareness to the inner light of all conscious beings, we can know that their natural desire is to be loving and thankful for the presence that we share. This is our destiny, and we are growing into it by opening our awareness to our deepest desires and inner knowing, beyond our limiting beliefs about ourselves. We all want to live in love and abundance, because it is our natural state. It is how we want to be, and we can make it so by knowing and realizing that it is real.

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