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Designing and Implementing Our Destiny

When we can expand into full consciousness of our true identity as our infinite presence of awareness, we still have the choice of interacting with those who are still entranced in the realm of dualistic empiricism and limited awareness. This kind of interaction can free humanity from enslavement to negativity. When we are guided by the energy of our heart, we can voluntarily participate in the realm of duality from an awareness of unconditional love and compassion.

Humans are designed to be free spirits. We can only be enslaved if we allow negativity to control our attention through the formation and belief in personal limitations. We are limited only by our own chosen characteristics of awareness. We have voluntarily created our needs and defects by life-diminishing thoughts and feelings. These are choices that we can learn to transform in creative ways.

Every experience that we create results from our nature as fractals of Creator consciousness. By our vibrations, we are constantly creating energy patterns that manifest as the qualities of our experiences. By aligning our emotions and imagination with the energetics that we choose, we have the power to create the vibratory level of everything about ourselves and our interactions.

By feeling ourselves into a state of gratitude, compassion and joy for no reason other than to experience their vibrations, we can accustom ourselves to living in their energetic spectrum. These high vibrations can carry us miraculously through any confrontations with negativity. As we confidently radiate high vibrations by feeling that we are in a high-vibratory state of being, we draw the consciousness of those around us into our energetic spectrum. Our heart-centered state of being destabilizes negativity in our presence and raises the vibratory level of our environment in alignment with the Spirit of the Earth.

By living in gratitude, compassion and joy, we open ourselves to the power of our creative essence. We have the ability to transform any situation through our powerful heart-centered vibrations. In full access to universal consciousness through our inner knowing, we can live with life-enhancing creativity in every moment in limitless ways.

To begin to describe the kind of transformers we are, we could compare it to transforming a 12-volt system to a 50,000-volt system. And even more, because we are unlimited in what we can do with our consciousness. It is all purely our choice of how we want to live. We are completely in charge of our destiny.

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