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Deepening Our Understanding of Life

In the eternal continuum of now in the quantum field, every energetic pattern that has ever existed and that ever will exist is present for us to recognize and know through our intuition. Because there is only one unified consciousness, it is all contained within our own potential awareness. In order to participate in the limitations of human experience, we have veiled ourselves off from our unlimited awareness, and we have not realized how we control the quality of our lives.

Our deeper understanding depends upon developing sensitivity to our intuitive knowing. We can do this by asking our spiritual guides and angels to prompt us in this direction. We can ask to receive guidance in the best ways that we can recognize and understand. If we are out of touch with our emotions, we may receive visions and mental constructs and symbols, but ultimately it is our emotional sensitivity that is most important, and that we can feel and trust for guidance and knowing, once we have developed emotional clarity.

The mind can be easily distracted and confused, but our emotions are solid. When we genuinely feel something, there is no question in our awareness, and our mind can follow. Our emotions are sensitive to the radiance of all beings and their quality in our presence. When we want to know or experience something, even something that is hidden, we can imagine the feeling of being in the presence of what we want and how we think about it. We can imagine that we’re experiencing it now in gratitude and joy.

Whatever it is, it is already available to us in the quantum field. It does not matter if it has never been experienced in human life. If we can imagine it, it already exists and can be called into our experience. This is possible because in our essence we are multidimensional, eternal awareness. The only thing that can keep us from realizing this is our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

As we are able to resolve and transcend our limitations, a much greater life opens for us. There is nothing outside of our own consciousness that can limit us in any way. The way of mastery is aligning ourselves with the creative, life-enhancing energy that flows through our heart as our intuitive knowing and the source of our consciousness and physical being.

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