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Deepening Our Realization

Once we realize our expansive Self and eternal presence of awareness, we do not need ever to subject ourselves to personal limitations again, although we can express our presence in the dualistic world of humanity. In this realm of consciousness, there is negativity, but we can continue to live in the consciousness of our heart, where there is only life-enhancing energy. From the limitations of ego-consciousness, this is foolish, because at this level we believe in fear and mortality. In the infinite awareness of heart-consciousness, there is only eternal presence of awareness of whatever scenarios we choose to pay attention to, including the void of all potentialities, as well as all forms and manifestations. All of this awaits our realization in order to arise in our experience.

As we become willing to be responsible for the expressions of our life, we can realize that being responsible means that we are the creators of our experiences. We are completely self-sufficient in every way. Our limiting beliefs are the only things that keep us from realizing who we are and what our capabilities are. Because we are fractals of Creator Consciousness, we have the ability to be aware of anything and anyone we choose in any circumstance. Within our awareness we have understanding and attention. Beyond personal limitation we can understand the nature of human life and the drama that we are living through.

To awaken heart-consciousness in humanity, some humans have to establish and strengthen the presence of expanded awareness and to live in its energetic spectrum. That is the reason for the large light-worker presence on this planet now. Some of us can do this, and it is supported and enhanced by the consciousness of the Spirit of the Earth and the Sun. We are all potentially like the Sun in our essence, if we choose to express ourselves as stars, which some of us may currently be in another dimension. We can choose to live in infinite awareness, while enjoying great creativity.

We actually are never given a difficult situation, unless we have aligned with its vibrations. When we are aligned with our heart-consciousness, we have only love and joy, because we know everything about our condition and understand how to control our focus of attention and emotional alignment in confidence and compassion. We can teach ourselves to see the light in every conscious being and to interact with it, while transforming any negativity that may intrude, by knowing and feeling our creative mastery of every situation. This perspective creates a powerful presence that negativity cannot exist with, and so we can experience wonderful and miraculous encounters.

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