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Dealing with Negative Situations

In our incarnation into this realm of duality, one important experience is encountering deeply negative energy and dealing with it. We naturally try to avoid it, because we deeply know that it diminishes life. We feel much more deeply emotionally than we would if we were only observers. With our participation, we have expanded universal consciousness into interaction with negative, life-destroying energy. Our interaction is what’s important. We have the opportunity to be creatively life-enhancing and observant, to submit to it, or to engage with the negative by resisting it. This would bring our energetic resonance into alignment with the negative. It then takes our life force and may even enslave us. We know all of this on a very deep level, and we must learn how to interact with it successfully.

Because unconditional love is the essence of our lives, it is the most powerful force in our life. We are being challenged to realize this, which is our path for transcendence to a higher dimension of greater realization. We have the opportunity of experiencing the power of life-enhancing love in every moment.

If we meet someone who has been deeply hurt and, as a result, is deeply negative, assuming that this person has some ability to love, and if this person is insisting on engaging with us, perhaps threateningly, we have some options as to how to deal with the situation. In order to engage with negativity, we must do so in its vibratory spectrum. It is the nature of that band of energy to be destructive. Attempting to be positive at the level of ego-consciousness is doomed to failure. Another option would be to treat this person as a cherished sibling. When we expand our realization of what is real, we do not accede to negativity, and we know that love is the natural energy of this situation. Everything arises out of infinite love. The negative person cannot engage with this, unless (s)he rises to our vibratory level; otherwise, (s)he will disappear from our experience, because we are not energetically in resonance. The negative cannot reach us. It is a different polarity.

This outcome assumes that we are heart-centered always, and we express this energy in every aspect of our Being. By making this our predominant vibratory level, we align ourselves with the rising vibratory level of the Earth. When we can realize that we are the creators of our experiences, we can free ourselves from any kind of dependence beyond our own consciousness, and we can know the expansiveness of infinite awareness.

All the assistance that we need is available to us in realizing the essence of our Being. It is all within our own consciousness. We are each an eternal presence of awareness experiencing life as a human. We are the one who hears through our ears and receives sensory stimulation. We are our awareness of ourselves, able to play any roles that we desire for the creation and enhancement of all life.

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