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Creating the Life We Desire

In the past, society-wide tragedies elicited fear and anger among us, but times have evolved. Now tragedies elicit increasing amounts of compassion for those who suffer as a result of what happens. Fear grows weaker. We have grown accustomed to threats and intimidation, and the power of compassion is weakening the hold of negativity upon our consciousness. Even without our being aware that it is happening, the vibrations of humanity are rising and becoming more positive with a greater intention to care for the Earth and to brighten our lives.

There is a realm beyond polarity that exists right along with our world of duality. The point of separation is the thin line between fear and love, between diminishment and enhancement of life. In every moment, we must choose either one as our state of being. We are essentially loving or fearful. Most of us cycle back and forth. As we become more positive, we become heart-centered and moved by gratitude, joy, compassion and love. These are the emotions of our essence, our soul and greater Self. When we feel their presence within, we are transcending our ego-conscious self-limitations. Through our emotions we can feel the energetic structure of our experiences. We can feel the radiance that we emit into the quantum field, attracting resonating energy patterns that become our experiences.

Once we become aware of the cause of our experiences, we can take control of our personal lives and direct our experiences as we prefer. Anger and fear are life-diminishing. Joy and love are life-enhancing. We choose which one we resonate with. That is where our attention goes in creating the qualities of our experiences and determines which dimension we live in. Our state of being does not have to interact with the energetic patterns of experiences in our outer environment. We can choose our own vibratory presence. This is what is important in creating our experiences, not reactions to outside stimulus.

Although we have believed the empirical world is physically solid and composed of particles of matter, quantum physicists have shown the smallest constituents of our world are actually rapidly spinning conscious energy centers that appear to us as particles. Physicists track them as wave patterns. Our bodies and all material things are in reality complex interacting wave patterns of electromagnetic energy, having amplitude, frequency, wavelength and polarity. All are expressions of consciousness. The vitality of every cell in our bodies is an expression of our consciousness. Our state of being is how we feel about ourselves. This expresses our energetic signature as the quality of our radiance.

Everything is conscious and part of infinite consciousness that has its own identity. We can call it the consciousness of the Creator. It is the One who determines our innate essence as an aspect of Itself, giving us access to infinite awareness, which we have self-limited in order to play in the human experience of duality. As we become aware of our unlimited Self, we enable our mastery of all worlds through our ability to control the vibratory alignment of our awareness.

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