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Creating the Life We Truly Want

We can accustom ourselves to living intentionally in good vibrations. As soon as we open ourselves to it, we already know our intuitive guidance. We can have full awareness of the energy constantly flowing to us in our conscious life force. It can feel like life-enhancing love, compassion and joy. It inspires musicians, artists, poets, mathematicians and inventors. When we are clear and beyond self-limitations, our inner guidance is the feeling that we are most attracted to. Until we achieve this state of Being, we can use our imagination to align with our most elevating feelings and visions.

From the energetics of duality to a dimension beyond polarity, we are living in the time of change, and we are being attracted to transcend our ego-consciousness and our personally-limiting beliefs. We are being guided to live in love and confidence, beyond fear and doubt. Our social, family and cultural expectations can keep us from expanding our awareness, but we have absolute control over the focus of our attention and energetic alignment. It’s as if we’re playing a game of strategy in finding clues all around us and following them as we awaken to what we truly know within. Our guidance is what remains in our awareness after we have eliminated all of our personal dramas and limiting beliefs about ourselves.

Until we can resolve and transcend the extraneous attachments to our ego-consciousness, we restrict our intuitive awareness. Even though we are designed to be natural creators, we have doubted this ability and disabled ourselves. We have imagined that we are subject to conditions and circumstances outside of ourselves, and that we need to receive sustenance from others. This is all imaginary. We create our reality just by our being present in any moment. The vibrations of our imagination and emotions attract compatible, resonant energetics and circumstances for our experience. The circumstances of our lives come about as a result of our beliefs, thoughts and feelings about ourselves.

There is nothing esoteric about this. These are simple energetic principles of interaction. Our energetic modulating ability is always operating and radiating the expressions of our psyche into the quantum field, forming our experiences. When we are completely clear and present in our attention, we are in a neutral space. When we have thoughts and feelings, we are creating patterns of energy that are positive or negative and somewhere in the range from deep depression to ecstatic excitement. Where we are within this range of energetics is our personal choice, regardless of what we may be encountering in the moment. We can learn to be creative in ourselves for no reason other than to experience what we love the most in every moment. If we make a habit of paying attention to the most elevating and life-enhancing thoughts and emotions that we can elicit within ourselves, we can keep expanding into better and better conditions, until we realize that we are in a higher dimension of living.

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