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Creating Our New Reality

We experience what we believe is real. If we change our beliefs about reality, our reality changes to align with our beliefs and realizations. The empirical world begins by arising from consciousness and takes form by attracting and organizing all of the entities that make it a physical experience in a range of resonating vibrations that we can feel and perceive. It is a manifestation of consciousness, ours and everyone else’s, who is participating in this dimension. With our imagination and realization we provide the modulation of the energies that we focus upon and align with.

In our personal lives we direct the qualities of our experiences with our state of being. Our recognition and belief in the qualities that are present in our awareness in any given moment are the creative impulses that bring us our experiences. The only difference between something that is real for us and the same thing that is imaginary is our belief and realization. The energies themselves are the same, and they attract experiences in the same way.

We can use our imagination in alignment with the energy of our heart. By being in gratitude and joy, we can imagine every encounter, whether with nature or with people, as an exchange of love and light. This will create its reality in our experience. When we can be this way, we transform our lives and live in a dimension beyond duality. When we are heart-centered, we love to be in each other’s presence.

If we have negative experiences, we can resolve them by continuing to interact with whatever level of light may be present in everyone involved. Making our way through the experience with intuitive guidance, we can stay in gratitude and compassion. All of this is a leap beyond ego-consciousness, which we can resolve within ourselves by paying attention to our inner knowing and aligning with the feeling of our heart-consciousness.

There are many ways to mastery of human life as we know it. Many spiritual masters in the past have shown us the ways. Their message was always the same, that we are masters who have been unaware of who we are. Our intuitive knowing opens our awareness to a greater life that is a conscious expression of unconditional love, joy, abundance and freedom in a dimension beyond negativity.

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