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Creating Our Life Experiences Intentionally

If we can affirm that we are expanding our awareness in alignment with our true heart, we are moving beyond our limitations. If we are resolving our limitations to Self-Awareness, our imagination can grow in brightness and joy. We can know how to be positive always, guided by our intuition. Once we have confidence in our intuitive knowing, we can resolve our ego-consciousness. As we are connected to infinite awareness and knowing through our intuition, we no longer need ego control of our awareness.

We created our ego-awareness by believing in the reality of our limitations without higher guidance. This is a human fabrication and is supported solely by human life force through our beliefs in its reality. It is attached as a density in our consciousness and has no existence beyond what we give it through our focus on its reality.

For most of humanity, ego-consciousness is all that is recognized as our identity. There is little interest in looking beyond time and space, but that is where our true Being resides. We can recognize ourselves as eternal present awareness. We have always been our individual conscious awareness, and we will always be. Time and space are irrelevant, except within the compartment of traditional human consciousness. We can participate in this level of awareness, but we do not need to be limited to it.

By intentionally being positive with the guidance of our intuitive knowing in absolute confidence, we can live in perfect peace. In this state of being, we can master our creative power through knowing and feeling what is life-enhancing for all in every moment. We can recognize the eternal light in each other’s eyes and in all conscious beings.

Without ego-consciousness, we become limitless and at the same time able to be present as our ego-selves, but with a higher, more penetrating perspective. We can realize that the spectrum of traditional human energy in the realm of duality is a limited compartment of our consciousness. It requires our alignment with its resonant frequencies and polarity.

Once we become completely positive in every way, we find that we really do have the ability to create everything we need and that our heart desires. Since there is no fear or doubt, all of our creations manifest in our experiences at the vibratory level of their creation in our thoughts and feelings. Our alignment with the life-enhancing vibrations of our heart energy draws only positive experiences into our lives, which we can continue to be grateful for.

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