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Creating More Joy in Our Lives

Because of decisions that we have made consciously and subconsciously in our essential personal being, or soul-consciousness, we have been born into our conditions and circumstances. We are the only ones who can create the quality of our experiences. If we believe that we are poor and barely surviving, this is what we realize as our reality. Entire communities have this kind of belief system. If we change our focus to believing we are living in the abundance of everything, that is the condition that we create in our lives. The challenge is to be able to change our beliefs from believing in limitation to believing in abundance for all. This requires a close examination of personal beliefs about ourselves.

In order to live in great joy, we can train ourselves to realize the light in everyone, beginning with all of humanity. We all have the desire for abundant living, and we can all experience it by knowing that we are living in its energy. If we were created to live in lack, we could never achieve anything better. But we do not want the condition of lack. It’s not normal for us. What is normal for us is what everyone feels in our deepest consciousness. That is where abundance lives. We can make our way to this realization.

There are many ways of doing this. We can imagine what it would be like to live in every kind of abundance. Beyond ego consciousness, there is no money, because money is currency. It is the manifestation of the flow of energy. In our innate self, abundance manifests in everything and in every experience. Money flows with everything else and appears from many sources, previously unknown to us. We naturally have more than we need in every way. To ego-consciousness, this is impossible, and it can only happen by constant miracles.

Welcome to quantum physics for some basic understanding of the workings of our reality. Everything that exists for us, is a plasma environment of conscious entities expressing themselves as electromagnetic waves and wave patterns, charged positively or negatively and having amplitude, frequency and wave-length. These are all expressed within universal consciousness.

There is only one consciousness, which we participate in according to our state of being, which is a result of the polarity and frequency expressed by our predominant focus of awareness, defined by our beliefs about ourselves. When we focus on the vibratory pattern of any entity, we interact energetically with that entity, and we pick up the resulting vibratory patterns that stimulate our senses and our subconscious awareness.

Once we realize that our deepest desires arise from the essence of our consciousness, which is the consciousness that we all share, we can also realize that we have a living conscious connection with one another. We have natural telepathy and much more. Our access to these abilities can come from resolving our limiting beliefs and opening ourselves to the realization of universal consciousness. This is the realm of joy and everything that feels good and wonderful for everyone. By opening our awareness to this level of consciousness, we can create its reality for ourselves. In the radiance of this consciousness, we brighten the lives of everyone.

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