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Creating Miraculous Experiences

When we are able to control our mental processes and direct our emotions at will, we become powerful creators, able to project our full life force into our personal energetic expression. Without confining beliefs or personal needs and addictions, we can just be our present awareness. From this mental and emotional space of zero-point awareness, we can receive reliable guidance from our inner knowing, which is our awareness within universal consciousness.

As we become balanced and fulfilled through following our inner guidance, we can maintain a constant attitude of enhancement of everything and everyone in our awareness. We can learn to be aware of the presence of Creator consciousness in every entity. When we have an agenda that is open to whatever arises in our inner knowing, this quality of awareness becomes real for us. We can intentionally create visions and feelings that are brighter and more loving than we would otherwise perceive without knowing the inner essence of consciousness. By imagining with gratitude everything we are aware of to be beautiful and supportive, we open our awareness to those positive expressions and project our creative energy into their manifestation.

By intentionally expressing the energy that we feel within the heart of our Being, we are able to channel a great abundance of conscious life force through our powerful radiance, which may be unseen by most people, but is nevertheless transforming energies all around us. We become the expressions of unconditional love and enhancement of all life. In every moment, we can be in a positive mind-set and emotional state, with zero personal drama. When we can hold and wield our conscious life force in ways that align with our heart, we become fulfilled in every way, because the natural state of all life is an expression of Creator consciousness.

By resolving the negativity that we have expressed and lived with and have believed to be outside of our control, we can transform everything. The world that we experience, is the world that we have consciously aligned with. Its expressions change in synchronicity with our own vibrations. As we are able to maintain a positive state of being in gratitude, joy and compassion, we attract these qualities of energetics into our experiences and all around us. We become energy transformers, raising the frequency and amplitude of positive energy and empowering the manifestation of freedom and abundance everywhere in our awareness.

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