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Creating an Inspiring Reality

When we are unaware of our deepest inner guidance, we create an ego to take control of our lives. It has no higher guidance and is based on fear of suffering, lack and feeling isolated and ultimately alone. We build the ego with all of the negative experiences that we want to avoid. Keeping this fear alive requires conscious realization of its reality. We create the reality by recognizing it and feeling its effects on us. It doesn’t matter if we like it or despise it. Only our realization of what is real matters. Our choice in this matter creates our vibratory level, essentially creating the qualities of our experiences.


If we want more interesting and fulfilling lives, we can open ourselves to our ability to create the reality we want in our experiences. Our choices are living in a realm where everything is wonderful or living in a realm that includes instability and difficulties. Through the vibrations of our state of being, we create an energetic wave pattern around ourselves, attracting compatible energetic patterns that resonate with our energy, and repelling those that don’t. There is attraction and repulsion of positive and negative energetic polarities.


When we choose to practice being positive as much as possible, we can begin to recognize our deep inner knowing. This is the source of our ability to realize what is real. Our physical experiences stimulate our physical senses. By remembering what they are like, we can align with those realities in our imagination and feel ourselves interacting with them. By recognizing, resolving and transcending all limiting beliefs about ourselves, we free ourselves to open our awareness to our eternal, infinite essence of Being. Practicing being in a constant state of gratitude in every moment, including the difficult ones, directs us into a path of life-enhancement.


Many moments of creative energy line up for manifestation in our lives. These moments are coming quickly now and more intensely. We are always feeling vibratory patterns. When we focus on them, we can either align with their vibrations and give them reality for us, or we can change our focus to energetic patterns that are more fulfilling.


By choosing to focus on positive vibrations as much as we allow ourselves, we begin to expand our awareness to include the realization of unconditional acceptance and love. These feelings can overwhelm any negative processes in our awareness and create life experiences that are most joyful and inspiring.

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May 30
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Super! Very clear, very hopeful! Inspiring, as usual! 🌼

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