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Creating a Wondrous Life

In the essence of our heart, we receive the Creator’s conscious life force in unconditional love and universal consciousness. We are free to use and modulate this subtle energy however we choose. It is the energy that creates universes, and in our conscious presence of Being, we have access to all of it. In our desire for the most powerfully impactful experiences, we chose to embody as humans in an empirical world with the possibility of negative experiences, which we have to create ourselves. Negativity is not part of divine creation. It exists for us only by the vibrations created by humanity.

We use our life force to manifest our experiences by how we feel about ourselves. Our entire self-image is self-imposed by the choices we make in aligning the vibrations of our mental and emotional states of being. This is where we create negative experiences for ourselves. All of these depend upon beliefs in our limitations. These are a trap that we have set for our unlimited consciousness to become limited, in order for us the have the most impactful experiences. We want to be even more loving and compassionate, with greater wisdom than we could have realized without these experiences in duality. Although we have now achieved great destructive ability, until recently our limitations have kept us from being excessively dangerous.

All the energies in the universal consciousness that envelops us are drawing us into higher vibrations, along with our planet, solar system and beyond. As we awaken and become trustworthy to live in the enhancement of all of life, we no longer need limitations, and we can understand them and release them. We are all expanding our awareness beyond time and space to infinite, eternal presence of Being and unlimited creativity in unconditional love.

To be aware of our expanded Being and to enjoy living in high vibrations, we can imagine our current circumstances from a perspective of love and joy, while relying on intuitive guidance coming through our heart. There is light, even in very dark beings. We can recognize it and relate with its energy, not aligning with the negative energy that may be present. By not engaging with its energetics, the negative disappears from our lives, because we give it no life force. Consistently intending to interact with all energies that we encounter from a high-vibratory perspective, we can maintain an energetic radiation that attracts high-vibratory experiences. Wonderful experiences of all kinds come to us, because this is the vibratory world that we can live in. By intending to keep our own vibrations positive and high, we can live in abundance, freedom and deepest love, gratitude and joy.

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