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Creating a Viable Perspective

The ego-conscious mind is laden with desires for thriving and fears about surviving, not knowing that we are powerful creators of whatever we focus our attention on and align our vibrations with. Our capacity for realization either constrains us within self-imposed limitations or frees us in awareness of infinite consciousness.

Negativity in our conscious and subconscious awareness is constraining. It is held in secret, existing deeply in the subconscious and causing experiences that displease us. By exposing ourselves to nearly continuous propaganda, much subconscious sinister programming passes unaware and without resistance to the subconscious mind and influences the vibratory quality of our state of being. We can feel this. When we feel the presence of negativity, we are subject to it, until we can control our vibratory quality.

Through expanding realization, we can resolve the emotional knots that still exist within. We may realize that human life is a play of creating believable kinds of experiences we could have only in this dimension of energetics. In our true Self, these would be just imaginary. They would not have the same impact. We have had to endure ego-consciousness with its lack of higher guidance, even though that guidance is always present in every aspect of our lives. This is a potential learning experience, prompting us to realize that we have deviated from our natural energies and need to change our focus to what feels good in our heart. This brings relief and support in every way.

We’ve become so entranced in our roles in the human play, and in our awareness of the happenings around us and around the world, that we have lost awareness of what is really happening. By what we realize as reality, we relate to the light or to the darkness in everyone. When we’ve experienced enough negativity, we can decide to change our polarity to align with our heart-consciousness.

We can direct our awareness into a state of transcendence by inviting deep compassion and joy into our personal state of Being and into our interactions. This transforms our personal lives into experiences of life-enhancement and expands our radiance to all conscious beings. We can be confident in our creative ability. By our state of Being, including our entire conscious presence, we attract experiences and encounters that resonate with us. Everything we experience is a reflection of our own vibratory presence. As we direct and manage our attention and emotional alignment, we have the choice of being constricted or being expansive, and we can make either one real in our experience.

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