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Creating a Presence of Love

We all share the desire to survive and thrive, but our ego-consciousness is based on the belief that we are separate entities and that we can suffer and die. Although out-of-body experiences have disproved the inevitability of this, holding these beliefs continues to create the apparent reality of our victimization and mortality. Perhaps we can remember that we developed fear, and we consciously or subconsciously provided the desire or antipathy to create these beliefs.

We have the choice of forming and holding beliefs about anything we can imagine, and we can learn to direct our choices to the feelings that we love. Although there is social pressure to create the same beliefs shared with everyone around us, especially those we like, what is the basis for these beliefs? Our beliefs make the empirical world our complete reality. Potentially everything else is fantasy. If we examine the physical world, and we penetrate its apparent reality down to its smallest constituent parts, we find that the atoms and their constituents are swirling patterns of electromagnetic waves. Each of them has an identity that we make real for ourselves through our recognition and realization. These collections of energetic patterns have a conscious group presence, which includes our bodies. We express our perspectives and beliefs about our personality and physical presence within the vibratory range of empirical energies.

Our technology has recognized a wealth of energetic patterns beyond our physical perception, but it has not given us their feelings about themselves. Through our intuition, we can know these feelings. Our emotions and our intuition are not controlled by our limiting beliefs. Through intuition we can be aware of realms beyond the energetically-dense realm of space/time by opening ourselves to greater love and light, aligning our attention with feelings of gratitude, joy and sovereignty.

The universe is composed of fractals of universal consciousness. This means that everything and everyone has awareness that is appropriate for them. Without our negative beliefs about ourselves, our awareness is limitless. Our essence is our personal eternal presence of awareness, within and beyond ourselves. We can open our awareness to the source of our conscious life force. Although this is in a dimension beyond words, we can know it when we are giving it our attention and feeling its vibrations.

Once we can consistently direct our attention to the expressions and manifestations of love and joy, we no longer need to pay attention to anything less desirable. Our attention and energetic alignment shape our personal energy signature, which attracts life-enhancing experiences for us and radiates our creative energies through our aura and beyond.

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