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Creating a Presence in the Realm of Love and Joy

Everything in the empirical world has a unique energetic signature of vibratory wave patterns of unseen essence, but expressing itself electro-magnetically. On a subconscious level we can feel them and know what they are. We can bring this awareness into our conscious minds by opening to it and inviting it into our expanding awareness. This awareness does not come through the rational mind, and if there is fear present, awareness contracts, along with all other aspects of life.


For eons we have lived in a reality of varying balances between positivity and negativity. Generally, our consciousness has evolved in a mathematically expanding arc of Fibonacci sequences. The balance between the polarities has been tilted toward the negative until recently. Now we are headed into a higher positive balance. Humans generally are feeling more and more aware of the incredible gift that we are to ourselves. Once we become aware of the essence of our Being, we become transformed in every way in support and enhancement of all life.


Sometimes we face crisis situations due to the presence of anti-matter energetics. We feel threatened, sometimes fearing termination of consciousness. This is all in the realm of predominantly negative energy. To experience it, we must align with its vibrations by calling up fear of some kind, and ultimately of death. It is a world of entropy, eventually destroying itself and taking the positive world with it. Except that the positive world exists in a different polarity, and the two do not interact. Their energies repel each other.


Because our nature allows for free will, we are free to interact with both positive and negative energy, and because negative energy is not natural, it depends upon positive energy for its existence. Without the experience in fear, we would not recognize unconditional love and joy for what they are. It is the contrast of energies that enables our awareness of them, and we have the absolute choice of which ones we want to pay attention to. This is the determining power of our experiences.


Our attention is a focus of awareness within our larger consciousness. It is our attention that is our most powerful creative ability. We live in our imagination. Together, we imagine the entire empirical world. That’s why quantum physicists have shown that it exists physically only in our attention and recognition. It is all patterns of energy that we are aware of subconsciously and interpret as the material world for our conscious awareness. Because it stimulates our senses, we believe it is real. It is all a game in consciousness that we are playing with one another, and we control the qualities and forms of our experiences.


As we grow in the desire for peace and fulfillment and an understanding of the nature of life and consciousness, we can become aware of an inner knowing beyond questions and limiting beliefs and into the infinite. In our essence, we have no limits. We arise within the infinite consciousness of the Creator of all, possessing all the attributes of the Creator. We can learn to realize them within, transforming our lives into experiences of deepest gratitude, love and joy.

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