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Creating a Greater Reality

Our greatest reason for incarnating as humans is to live in an energetically-dense world while being fully-aware of our entire eternal, infinitely-powerful, conscious Self, which we have hidden within a self-created container of consciousness. Our realization of a greater reality flows from the heart of our Being, from the Source of our life. The greater reality is infinite conscious awareness. Everything is within our own consciousness. We are fractals of an infinite, eternal One, endowed with all aspects and abilities of the Divine One. Within this consciousness we have our essence of eternal awareness and infinite creative power.


Imagining and paying attention to our essence through our deep, intuitive knowing that exists within our life force in the fullness of vitality and freedom, we can learn to align with our heart-consciousness. By paying attention to what we love in our deepest Self, we can expand our dispassionate awareness within our infinite essence. While living beyond thought and action in our imagination, we can use our conscious awareness to master every circumstance in the material world, by feeling the vibrations that we love with gratitude and joy.


We can choose to live without fear, while loving and enjoying every experience. Everything is possible for us, because our nature is to be creators in the world of energy that we choose to recognize as real. In our quest of Self-Realization, we must be willing to release everything we believe we own or have accomplished. Its reality arises from the focus of our creative attention. In our essence, we are filled with gratitude.  Through our energetic alignment with the intuitive desires of our heart-center, we can create anything and any experience we want in every moment.


By our imagination and feelings. we are the creators of the qualities of our experiences. We constantly create our own version of what we realize as reality. Everything about the world of our experience is quantum. Our bodies consist of conscious entities aligned around qualities that we imagine and feel. We have created a personal identity as our ego-conscious self. It is a figment of our imagination and exists as an expression of qualities of electromagnetic waves that we interact with in our conscious awareness.


We are the ones who choose to create the quality of the world that we experience personally. We can be anywhere at any time and in the presence of anyone with whom we are in alignment, both negatively and positively. It all depends upon our realization.  From within our consciousness containers, as well as beyond spacetime, we are our reality creators. By learning how to use our consciousness to enhance life in every form, we can align in gratitude and joy with the consciousness that creates everything always in infinite expansion.

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