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Creating a Fulfilling Life in a Time of Great Challenges

To understand the nature of our lives, we may begin by learning to take absolute control of our attention. We can learn to open our awareness in every moment to our heart-consciousness and the vibrations of our higher chakras. We can learn to transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves by resolving them and feeling their nothingness apart from our beliefs. If we so choose, we can understand ourselves as expressions of Creator consciousness through our imagination and emotions. We serve as creators of our experiences. Our vibrations are known throughout the cosmos, and we contain the vibrations of the cosmos in our inner knowing. It is the same for all conscious beings, except that we are the creators of the forms and vibratory levels of all the energetic patterns within our attention. Our attention and emotional alignment are our creative essence. Their vibratory level attracts and shapes the energetic patterns that become our experiences.

What we believe is real is made experiential for us. When we can control our imagination and emotions in any situation, we can choose our vibratory level and live in it. Our inner and outer conditions will continue as they have, until we intentionally direct our attention in alignment with our inner knowing of life-enhancement.

We are actors playing our roles in the drama of humanity. Deep in our consciousness we know what our roles are and what we want to experience, and why. This is where our limiting beliefs about ourselves come from. They are necessary for the most convincing experiences in duality that would not be taken seriously in our infinite awareness. We know what a wide spectrum of negative vibratory patterns feels like. This experience is what we have contributed to universal consciousness, and it is what we are transforming into resonance with gratitude, unconditional love and joy.

In every moment we are free to choose how we think and feel. This decision is not dependent on any experiences we have had or may be facing. How we feel in our own being is independent of anything else, and we have control of our polarity and vibratory level. Our state of being is our creative consciousness and our personal fulfillment or lack. From moment to moment our experience is a cumulative result of our own vibrations.

By learning to direct our own level of consciousness, we gain confidence in our conscious realization and inner knowing of more than one dimension. Our consciousness is the realm of cause throughout our life. How we direct our attention and what we can realize create the vibrations that echo throughout our species consciousness. Living in resonance with our heart-consciousness brings fulfillment to us personally and also transforms human consciousness.

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