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Continuing to Expand Awareness

By the energy that we are radiating into the quantum field, we are expanding consciousness. Through unfocusing our attention and just spacing out in meditation, we can open ourselves to expansion by asking for it and aligning with its level of vibration, which is what we can feel emotionally. We can also imagine wonderful scenarios, feeling joyful, as much as our limitations will allow. As we continue to search for purer feelings of love, we raise our personal energetic resonance, and we can realize that our awareness is expanding beyond the empirical world.

When we can be emotionally and mentally clear, we can learn to call up emotions as we desire to feel them. We can also be aware of what we feel around us. By paying attention to our emotional feedback, we can learn to read the energetic quality of everyone and everything that we encounter. This is part of our intuition. When we are aligned with the enhancement of all life, and we are looking and feeling for high-vibratory experiences, they come into our awareness.

Every pattern of energy already exists in the quantum field. For us to experience them, we can open ourselves by asking for experiences and imagining that we are living in them. When we can believe that they are real, they come into our experience. This is our creative ability. It is the reason why it is important to resolve the beliefs in our limitations that we hold. When we hold doubt and fear and other negative vibrations, we create experiences that stimulate those feelings in us.

If we want to have only positive experiences, we can be mentally and emotionally positive, regardless of the energy that we face. Our lives are constantly rearranged by the qualities of our vibrations, and our circumstances change accordingly. If we stay within our limitations, our lives may not change much, and we won’t evolve spiritually. This seems to be comfortable for many.

For true expansion of our conscious awareness, we can focus on infinite Being beyond time and space. This may require some practice to imagine as a present state of being, but as we are able to align with our intuitive knowing, we can open ourselves to our eternal present awareness.

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