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Consciously Entering the Void

Although we may know that we are constantly creating energetic patterns that we then experience, we may have difficulty being in the mental and emotional states that we desire. Our ego consciousness wants to plan ahead and evaluate events in our lives and react to everything we encounter. This is all non-productive for the spiritual path. We are designed to be in the moment and to be aligned with our intuition. Our intuitive guidance lets us know when to plan something. We just need to be open and present in clear awareness.

We do not need to wonder or be uncertain about anything. We just need to be confident in our inner knowing. This works best when we are just being present in awareness of the energy of the heart of our Being. In this state we can align ourselves with our conscious life force arising from the consciousness of the Creator, within which we have our Being. If we are open to it, it constantly enlivens and inspires us.

With our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we have restricted our access to our eternal essence and replaced our higher guidance with the ego consciousness of our limited being. For the ego, just being present in awareness is like abandoning control of our lives and possibly subjecting ourselves to disaster. It is this, actually, for the ego, because the ego has no ability to recognize higher guidance and must be transcended through our realization of joy and unconditional love in the level of energetics of our intuition.

Just being present in awareness is like going into the void of consciousness. As we practice this, our awareness expands deeper into our Being and out into the cosmos, which is a reflection of our own consciousness. We begin to realize universal consciousness, and we know everything we want to know. We can be in joy and gratitude as much as possible. These enable us to be able to be mentally and emotionally open, present and confident in our eternal Being. If we can maintain this state of being, we cannot be threatened or intimidated, because we are in a different polarity and vibratory dimension, where we are completely cared-for and supported in our creative ability. When we live in love and confidence, we have no fear or doubt, and life flows easily for us, with each moment bringing new awareness and creative potential.

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