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Conscious Human Evolution

We all have a desire for pleasure and ecstasy. What keeps us from experiencing them always? We diminish ourselves by changing our attention to negative, lower-vibrating energies that we become aware of, although we have the free choice to pay attention to any quality within universal consciousness. Our fascination with negativity has its roots in the belief that we are our physical body and its expressions. Empirical energy is very compelling to the point of fixation, creating powerful limitations to our awareness. This causes feelings of lack and isolation as an individual being. This is all unnatural for us, and is destabilizing our awareness, which feels threatening. A desire arises in us for awareness of our complete Being, so that we may know our eternal essence in the consciousness of the Creator of all.

We naturally participate in all of life everywhere and in everything. We live in an energetic system that is creative and life-enhancing. Our consciousness comes with our life force within universal consciousness. Whatever we choose to do that is different from the quality of our life force cannot sustain a vibratory pattern that does not resonate with our inner being. It becomes destabilized and dissipates. That’s why we suffer, become decrepit and physically terminate.

This is all pretense. We have created our own limitations in our consciousness. To be effective, they all depend on our beliefs in their reality. By our realization of them, we recognize and come into alignment with their vibrations. If we can expand our realization to the consciousness of the heart of our Being, all negativity disappears from our personal experience, because our heart-consciousness enhances all of life always. Negativity diminishes life always.

Abundance cannot happen just for ourselves to the exclusion of others. All must be included in order for completely-fulfilling life enhancement. Realization of life-enhancement for all gives us awareness of infinite love uniting all conscious beings everywhere and always. We never have to leave this state of Being in infinite presence of awareness of everything, all in the present moment. Human life then becomes a game in our consciousness, and we can intentionally play it successfully for the benefit of all. We all have the ability to do this. It requires alignment with our heart-consciousness to guide us in infinite love and joy. All of this depends upon our intention to align with the consciousness of our Creator Self. As fractals of creator consciousness, our abilities are infinite.

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