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Connecting with the Heart of Our Being

Fear began for us when we shut ourselves off from our true heart. No longer were we aware of our higher guidance, and we did not recognize our eternal Self-identity. We have lived in the realm of limited conscious awareness of duality within time and space. Now we are living in the turning of the ages, and negativity is disappearing, as positivity is expanding in every way. Through our natural flow of life, we are being led to connect with our heart, and to release all fear and negativity. This is the quality of energy that our planet is moving into.

We are being enveloped in cosmic light as we pass through a massive cloud of conscious gamma-ray photons, which interpenetrate us and raise our vibrations. Realizing our true Self dissipates fear, because we can no longer be threatened. We can realize that we are eternal expressions of unconditional love. This is our true nature and our essence. We are here to enhance life everywhere and in every form.

By anchoring our awareness in our intuition, we can connect to the source of our Being, and we can experience the vastness of universal consciousness, beyond all of the self-imposed limitations that we have lived under. This becomes possible for us when we have transcended our ego-consciousness, which we can do by intentionally entering a state of joy, while imagining experiences that we love, and imagining our awareness of the light in all conscious beings. These are energetic patterns that we can search for with our own emotions and imagination.

We can use our mental and emotional abilities to expand our awareness of love and joy. Our feelings about ourselves are our personal choice. We choose, consciously or subconsciously, how we feel in every moment. Once we know that our state of being can be a conscious choice always, we can learn to direct our focus of attention to positive vibrations. By staying at the level of compassion, joy and gratitude, we can expand our awareness into positive visions and feelings that then come into our experience.

By learning to direct the polarity and vibratory level of our state of being, we can become mentally and emotionally clear in the presence of our awareness. We can choose to be only positive, and to live in a world of miracles and wonders, while strengthening the presence of positive energies among humanity and in alignment with the Spirit of the Earth.

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