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Compassion and Love Are Rising

The consciousness of humanity is becoming more positive, more compassionate and loving, while also realizing the great evil that we are subjected to. Wide-spread distrust of the government is growing, and people are banding together to improve life apart from corporate tyranny. The fires in Lahaina are a good example of a tremendous amount of compassion and love that is arising. The nearly -complete destruction symbolizes the dissolution of an old way of life, and invites the arising of a new culture and civilization based on love.

The act of war against humanity resulted is great tragedy for those who lost their homes, businesses, loved ones and pets, and their way of life. but the tragedy is ending, and the survivors, who have nothing, not even a car and probably not a job, need us to act in unity with them, and we are. They are not victims; they are survivors. More than 11,000 of them are being housed and fed in the resort hotels. Transportation is being provided, and money is being distributed. Every service they could want is being made available. These are the physical manifestations of compassion and love.

More importantly, the energy of compassion and support has risen world-wide. People everywhere have been praying, and some are imagining something wonderful arising from this event. The something wonderful is a new culture of creativity and love, manifesting in a beautiful masterpiece of a town. Maui is too wealthy and enlightened for this opportunity of transformation and renewal to be missed. The only significant things remaining in Lahaina are some coral-stone brick walls and the giant banyan tree. The town has been reduced back to nature with a potentially beautiful and amazing future.

It's not just the physical things that are happening, but they are the manifestation of the energy that we are creating and radiating. This is the beginning of the era of gratitude, love, compassion and joy. The survivors know that they are being cared-for out of love and compassion. This elicits a conscious background of gratitude and a rising amount of joy as the grief lessens. Most of the support is given without expectation of anything other than knowing that they are supporting those in need. And it’s not just temporary. This is a long-term process. Everyone involved knows this.

On a more expanded level of consciousness, we can know that all of these things are having an effect on the consciousness of humanity, as well as on the individuals involved. The feeling of all being in the same family is rising into awareness. As we continue to align with compassion and love, we become aware of our true inner knowing, because we are not distracted by any personal needs or fears. All of those get magically covered. To the ego, this is impossible, but it happens, because its’ a logical energetic result of how we modulate energetic patterns with our mental and emotional processes. In this case those are symbolized by compassion and love in the essence of Divine Consciousness.

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