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Clarifying Our Consciousness

As we continue along the path to inner knowing and expanding into universal consciousness, we can seek energetic alignment with the most positive and loving energies that we can imagine participating in. All of life is happening in our own consciousness, and we’re aware of as much of it as we desire and allow ourselves to realize. Every form of energy has its unique vibration. With our power of mental and emotional focus, and our freedom to imagine, as well as our ability to feel and know the energetic patterns that we attract, we are the creators of our lives and experiences.

Our creative ability is permanent and present in every moment. We create the vibratory level of our state of being, which manifests as our energetic signature. This is how we believe ourselves to be and to feel. It attracts the same spectrum of energetic patterns that we inhabit mentally and emotionally.

While cruising through time and space, we have developed a lot of personal preferences and attachments to limiting beliefs. These are not part of our reality, because they are based on a sense of lack. In our creative essence, we have only fulfillment of all our desires, unless we choose something else. While learning to be in a high-vibratory sense of awareness in every encounter, we can align with the energy of the heart of our Being in the realm of gratitude, joy and compassion.

Regardless of what may be happening within our range of influence, our energetic alignment creates the qualities of our experiences. We always have a choice of how we think and feel about ourselves and our outer circumstances. If we have no attachment to limitations, we become mentally and emotionally clear, and we can know our inner truth in every moment. Without attachments, our inner knowing is potentially infinite. In each moment the highest potential vibrations for us come into our intuitive awareness.

Having mental and emotional transparency reveals the truth for us to know in every encounter. By choosing to be clear, we have no constraints upon us, and we are free to engage with the highest vibrations that we desire and can resonate with. Personal fulfillment in every way is possible for us now. As we learn to realize what unconditional love is, we gain the ability to transform negative energies that we encounter into alignment with our positive state of Being, or we can let them dissolve from our presence without our life force.

When we learn to control our state of Being in a perspective of true knowing in alignment with our heart, we become the masters as much as we allow ourselves. Actually we already are masters of creativity, we just need to realize it. It is part of our constant state of being. As we learn to elevate our state of being, we also elevate the state of humanity and guide us all through our ascension to a higher energetic dimension.

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