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Choosing the Quality of Our State of Being

As humans, we do not really know how to love. We have been programmed and taught to believe that we are not worthy, that we are inadequate. To understand unconditional love, we must align our awareness beyond the world of duality to our true intuitive knowing. Love, joy and gratitude come to us through our intuition and all vibrate together in resonance. They are the emotions of our true Self, and it is through calling them into our lives that we can come to know our expanded awareness.

If we desire to, we can align with our intuitive guidance, which comes to us on every level of our being in ways that we can be aware of. It comes through our heart constantly in our conscious life force, arising from the consciousness of the Creator. Our essence is cosmic consciousness and beyond, but we have been blocking ourselves from realizing this. We’ve had to do this in order to have a realistic experience of living in duality. There’s no requirement that we restrict ourselves to this realm. We are much greater and can choose to realize our true Being.

We can realize that all of our experiences are projections and reflections of our own consciousness. We live in a kind of virtual reality held in awareness by the consciousness of humanity. As humanity changes its awareness, the energetics of our human experiences change. When we learn that our mental and emotional states are conscious choices for us, we can begin to realize our true Self. Although we are each part of humanity, we each have absolute control of our energetic presence.

The controllers of society can direct our experiences only with our permission. We are not required to align with their energy. We can move beyond their negative polarity of fear and servitude into an experiential realm of joy, love and gratitude with confidence in our unlimited abilities. When we can trust ourselves to be receptive to the life-enhancing guidance of our intuition, we are infinitely powerful creators, with nothing more than our conscious presence.

No one else can experience what each of us experiences. Our entire human experience consists of recognition of patterns of electromagnetic waves that stimulate our senses, and that our consciousness interprets as the world of our human lives. We are free to focus on any polarity and frequency that we choose, consciously or subconsciously. The vibratory quality of our attention is what we energetically align with. It is what we project into the quantum field and what is reflected back to us as experiences in the world we recognize and believe as real.

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