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Choosing the Dimensions of Our Experiences

The quantum field of all potentialities contains the vibrations of every experience for us to have in our lives In any moment. Our destiny is to live in positive, high vibrations that we realize are real. These vibrations are life-enhancing and enriching in every way. They bring us closer to being able to realize unconditional love in our connection with all conscious beings. Every entity from the smallest sub-atomic swirling essence of life, to the universe itself, exists within our own consciousness. We participate in the consciousness that creates everyone and everything.

Our personal intuition comes from universal consciousness through the consciousness of our higher chakras, primarily our heart. When we imagine and feel their vibratory range, we can align with them, but when we are misaligned, we cannot know our higher guidance. Our ego-consciousness then controls us from its limitations based on fear of suffering and survival. These are imaginary.

Always we experience the best situations that we allow for ourselves, along with course corrections directed by our unseen guides, who know what we truly need in order to help us to be aware of our purpose and goal in this life. We can be aware of the symbolic meaning of everything in our experiences. We can awaken from the hypnotic trance of humanity that is focused on dualistic empiricism. When we choose to entertain any kind of fear or doubt, we align ourselves with negativity and cannot create positive experiences. Duality is a range of energies that allow for the focus on negativity. If we want to live in a realm of love and joy, we must be aware of these energies and feel them within ourselves.

In our essential limitless presence of awareness, we can easily resolve and transcend our limitations through acceptance of our experiences and gratitude for what happened to us as a result. When we haven’t taken the small prompts that our guides give us, they resort to more powerful guidance. We are the ones who make all the decisions about the energy that we align with and experience. When something major prevents us from living the way we have, it’s an opportunity for us to reevaluate our life path and open ourselves to our inner guidance.

We live within the energetic spectrum that we resonate with, and while we continue to choose to allow negativity to control our awareness, we cannot be aware of the joy of the higher dimension that we coexist with. Once we consistently and intentionally choose to feel and imagine experiencing what we truly want the most in our deepest consciousness, we open our awareness to the vastness of our unlimited essence. We become aware of our entrancement in dualistic empiricism, while opening our realization to a greater spectrum of energies and experiences.

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