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Choosing Our Quality of Life

Being responsible for everything that happens in our lives as humans requires our realization that in some part of our consciousness we aligned energetically with the vibrations in our awareness, and we continue to realize them as real. We are the ones who choose what kind of vibrations we pay attention to. No one can change that. We can flow through life in resonance with our heart-consciousness. This is the source of our conscious life force always. We have the free choice to align with it or not. It is our connection to universal consciousness.

This connection opens to us when we can give up our attention to negativity, and we can focus on what is most life-enhancing for all of life. This focus opens us to awareness of infinite love in our essence. We can know that we have limited our awareness with the limiting beliefs that we accepted. in a way that is real for us, we needed to limit our awareness in order to participate fully in the human experience.

When we feel that we have experienced enough in the realm of duality, we can choose to change our attention to completely positive in every moment. This is a complete reorientation of our awareness. Guided by our heart-consciousness, we can imagine the kind of life we would most love to have. When we can feel this deeply and continuously enough, we can choose to realize its reality for us. We can realize that we are in an energetic level that brings joy and love. By constantly realizing that we are living in gratitude and joy, we continue to create experiences of the same quality.

We have the choice of realizing anything, but to be human we have to focus our constant attention on being human, but it doesn’t need our full attention, especially when we realize that we have infinite awareness. We are playing a complex psychological game. Once we understand it, and become intuitively aware, we can live whatever quality of life we align with. By our constant alignment we are drawing the awareness of humanity into heart-consciousness.

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