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Elevating Our Reality

We inhabit a realm that has an awareness threshold that keeps humans from recognizing other realities that interpenetrate ours on an energetic level. This threshold is within our consciousness and consists of our limiting beliefs about ourselves and about the nature of our reality. We have been choosing to focus our attention on one of the many channels in our potential awareness. If we desire, we can change channels and be in the awareness of another dimension of the expression of consciousness. If we shift from duality, where there is a mix of positive and negative energies, into only positive polarity, our entire lives change.

This is such a major change, that it requires a lot of practice. Because we must live in the moment, we do not look for assurances outside of ourselves, and we need to be able to trust our intuition. By becoming sensitive to our inner knowing, we can access more assistance than we need. We have guides and angels, ascended masters and higher beings who offer assistance through the energy of our heart.

If we do not align ourselves with any negative energy, which has an element of fear, we do not feed it our life force through our attention, and it disappears from our experience. It may still be happening around us, but it’s not in our personal lives. While we stay focused on positive, life enhancing experiences, we elevate our energy signature, and our radiance affects others around us. We attract those who resonate with our vibratory alignment.

Once we learn to depend entirely on our intuition, we can resolve any remaining limitations hidden in our subconscious self. They dissolve, because they cannot exist without fear. Fear is absent in a positive perspective. There is only the level of joy, compassion, love, abundance, beauty, freedom and sovereignty. These are the qualities of a higher dimension that we can live in here and now, and they are our natural state of Being, when we are heart-centered.

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