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Can We Escape from Our Prison of Consciousness?

Moving into the dawn in a new era of history, humanity is being released from the enslavement that many of us were unaware of. Our programming and training have been so thorough, that we have believed that we are free. We have been free only within the confines of the police, the military and the banking and financial institutions. All multi-national corporations, governments and large social organizations have been controlled by dark energy, which is part of the passing era. The truth of our imprisonment is coming into the light, and now the challenge is for us to be ready to walk out the prison door into the light of the new world.

Currently we are seeing the early beams of light seeping through the crack of the opening door. Most are not aware it this yet. But what will happen when the door sweeps open, and we can freely move into a world of light and love? Can we believe it? Can we trust that ascension is real? When all of us are out in the brightness of illumined consciousness, all of the darkest situations and beings that have inhabited them become obvious, and we see that there has been horrendous evil everywhere, feeding from the life force of humanity. These energies are now dissolving in the light and disappearing from our experiences. We can let them go, while maintaining a perspective of compassion for the lost ones and gratitude for our life essence, which shines in the light of Creator consciousness.

The brightness of divine light may be too much for many, and they may choose to stay in the prison of duality, held in by fear and doubt. We need a spirit of adventure to wander into the vibrations of the unknown. What happens when we are loving and compassionate with everyone? How can we even do this, when there are unbelievable threats all around? In the energies of the new era, no threats are real. This was always true, but now it’s becoming more obvious.

The power of the dark force has been built on money, lots of it, stolen through trickery and treachery from all of us, while training us to believe that it is all for our best interests. Now the liquidity of money is disappearing quickly, and the psychopaths are being left to fight over what remains, leaving them without the ability to control us much longer. In response to rising positive energies and higher vibrations, our controllers are becoming desperate and going insane. Many have already left us.

Our world is going through transformative changes that require us to peer deeply into dark energies and release any attachments we have to fear, anger and vindictiveness. We are being challenged to radiate unconditional love, compassion, gratitude and joy in the face of the worst evil. Intuitively, we can understand how the psychopaths took the dark path and became captive within it, unable to escape. Many were oppressed, and they became the oppressors, and the oppressors became the oppressed. We have been through it all. It is time to change our vibrations to life-enhancing energies for all in every moment, carrying us experientially beyond duality.

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