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Calibrating the Intensity of Our Lives

Through aligning with positive, high-vibratory energy, we can expand our conscious awareness into a higher dimension of energetics beyond duality. As we become freer from attachments to our limitations, our energetic presence grows in intensity, as does everything we encounter, which is actually a reflection of our own level of energetics. Everything that happens to us is us creating the energetic patterns that become our experiences. We do it with our feelings and opinions about ourselves. Everything that has some alignment with fear can be made to disappear from lack of our life force. Our alignment can be toward positive, limitless awareness with former attachments.

Being free of emotional attachments is like being free of attachment to our physical presence. This is impossible for the ego, which is comprised of our attachments. Only with strong intention can we transcend this limitation. It must be done in love and compassion, guided by our intuitive knowing. Our body consciousness is part of us, but we are much more. How much more is our choice. Once we are completely aligned with the energetic level of our heart, our potential is unlimited, and we are truly free to be whomever and wherever we may wish to be.

We probably won’t want to be within a realm of limited consciousness. This one has been sufficient, thank you. But since we’re still here, let’s get on with it. Now that we know the energetic level of where we’re going, we can practice being in a higher state that we intentionally create with our imagination and emotions. We can be open and receptive to these energies, and we can develop confidence in being positive always. Being attached to outcomes is irrelevant. They will transpire according to the energy of our state of being, how we feel about ourselves and what beliefs we hold about our limitations. We do not need to interfere with this process, although we’re free to do so.

Since our conscious state of being reflects back to us the quality of our own energetic alignment, we are always creating the opposition to our intentions in order to keep the vibrations in universal consciousness balanced for us. Any limitations in our consciousness get reflected back to us as encounters in our lives. As we resolve our limitations, we become free to be unlimited, and nothing is reflected back to us, unless we want to welcome it.

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