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Brightening and Expanding Our Awareness

The Brightest Being in our awareness is our Sun, giving us the light of our life. The Sun acts as a relay station for the energetic radiance of the galactic center. The radiance of the Sun makes all life possible in this solar system. Its energetic qualities are vitality and abundance, flowing to us in every moment, as illustrated in nature. Our challenge is accepting their reality without resistance and allowing their energies to flow into our awareness, giving us inner knowing and understanding.


The realization of unconditional acceptance of everything is what allows us to transcend ego-consciousness. Our limiting beliefs about ourselves are created in ego-consciousness, based in fear of the unknown and expected. These are imaginary creations, having no existence outside of our own consciousness. We are free to explore this consciousness, but it is difficult to leave the trance of ego-consciousness. When fear is present in our perspective, we identify entirely with ego-consciousness, and we cannot align with the divine. In these frequency levels, we are unaware of our essence and abilities.


When we know our essence beyond spacetime, we can intentionally have the perspective of unconditional acceptance and surrender in every moment. We are actors in a tragic drama with a script that we designed, and we can change it by controlling our attention and chosen perspective. When we look for the light of life in everyone we encounter, we can realize that we are joined in the same consciousness. Everything is within our consciousness and potential awareness.


The more competent we become in our awareness of the subtle energies within the heart of our Being, the easier it becomes to enter a more fulfilling dimension of life. We can change our vibratory environment by what we pay attention to and align with. When we look for energies that enhance life in every way, we can intentionally align with their frequencies and polarity through what we feel deep within the consciousness of our heart. It is an energy that creates all of life in every way and provides vitality to all conscious life. It is unconditional acceptance and life-enhancement.


Once we find the energetic spectrum of the radiance of our heart, we can pay attention to it and let it transform our lives by what we experience within. Without going anywhere, we move into a more life-enhancing environment. As we rewrite our life script, we can live in a vibratory realm of pure life essence and eternal infinite awareness in deepest love and fulfillment.

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