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Beyond the Trance of Humanity

When we allow its presence in our awareness, our true inner guidance appears. This is possible when we begin paying attention to the life-enhancing energies of the heart of our Being. Beyond any thought or feeling of fear or any negativity, the vibrations of our heart stimulate us to feel gratitude, joy and well-being. Our true expanded awareness transforms our lives instantly in the moment that we realize that it is our present experience and state of Being. What changes is our perspective from ego-consciousness to intuitive knowing. This is a life-transforming shift in awareness.

Without stress or strife in our lives, we free ourselves to express our true essence. We can train ourselves through practice to be always aware of our mental and emotional processes, while keeping ourselves aligned with heart-consciousness. When we slip into the trance of humanity, we revert to ego-consciousness, which we can train ourselves to be aware of, while also being aware of our heart-consciousness. We can try to direct our ego-consciousness to release all fear, but success with this is not possible, because fear permeates the essence of ego-consciousness. By compassionately accepting, forgiving and loving our ego, and everything hidden in our subconscious, we can resolve and neutralize our fears.

Our transformation occurs when we realize that we are immortal in our presence of awareness, and we direct the qualities of our lives in every moment by our attention and emotional resonance. In our essence we have infinite creative ability available to us in conjunction with our imagination and realization.

Our belief in duality has empowered anti-matter to come into our lives. In the consciousness of humanity, there is resonance with negativity. As immortals living in a cosmos of light, we cannot seriously live in a realm of duality, unless we blind ourselves, which we have done, and we have not been aware of it. Even after we have been able to enter the world of heart-consciousness, with its love and beauty, we still may lose our focus on heart-consciousness. Once we know and experience our true essence, however, we can remember how to be in gratitude, joy and love.

As we begin to shift to living in heart consciousness, we can begin to become aware of crystalline time; our bodies come into alignment with our true crystalline DNA molecular patterns; and we enter a 4-dimensional world of tesseracts, in which time and space have a unified geometrical structure, with time being the instant present always and everywhere. It is the realm of infinite, eternal awareness, and it includes everything we have known and felt.

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