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Being the Transformers of Humanity

Divine consciousness fills us and is all around and within us, and we have the free choice of being aware of it, or blocking our awareness of it by believing in our limitations. Occasionally we may get glimpses of it, when we find ourselves in a dire situation, and we open ourselves to divine intervention. Then something happens, and we end up in an acceptable state of being, thankful for our survival. If we desire to be aware of the greater consciousness that we all share and that draws on the experiences of all of us, we can accomplish this by intending to be aware of it in ourselves.

When we become acutely aware of our inner knowing, we find that we are being drawn beyond our limiting beliefs. Life becomes a moment-by-moment adventure, as we begin to follow the prompts that our intuition uses to guide us into greater love and joy. When we choose to be aware of the divine consciousness within us, we automatically know how to be in every situation. While existing in the eternal presence of Self-Awareness, we can recognize our expansive Being beyond time and space, expressing ourselves as humans in the time/space empirical world of duality.

Once we transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves, our lives are transformed, and our experiences become life-enhancing in every way, because this is the energetic expression of universal consciousness, always expanding into infinity. We can become masters of human life, beyond karma and suffering. We may live an ordinary life, but from within we radiate gratitude and joy. We become radiant with inner light and are helpful with others in every encounter.

We are the creators of a better world for ourselves and all of humanity. The chaos and suffering in the current world will stop when people stop aligning with it. It needs our life force to exist. As the consciousness of humanity expands, there is a growing recognition that we can intentionally align with life-enhancing ways of being. This brings peace among us, and we can learn to work together as one species, arising out of the consciousness of the Creator of infinite Being.

As our radiance expands, others notice. Our lives become experiences of deeper love and abundance. We become transparent in everything, while living in the light of our heart. Guided intuitively in every moment, we naturally create everything we need and want in alignment with universal consciousness. We are the transformers in the energetic circuits of humanity.

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